Apache Directory Studio

by Pierre-Arnaud Marcelot


Apache Directory Studio, a sub-project of the Open Source Apache Directory project, is an LDAP and Directory tooling platform.

Written as an Eclipse RCP application composed of several plugins, it runs as a standalone multiplatform application (Linux, Mac OS X and Windows) and can also be integrated within Eclipse.

Very pluggable, it is built to allow third parties to extend its capabilities by the addition of new plugins. This is what does IKTEK Directory Studio for example.

This talk will outline the improved and new features coming up in the next 2.0 versions of both products:

  • The OpenLDAP and ApacheDS Configuration plugins that can be used by the user to visually edit the configuration of both servers
  • The Template Editor plugin for the LDAP Browser which allows you to define custom editors/views to edit/display an entry based on its object class.
  • The ability, on a per connection basis, to use the Apache LDAP API as an alternative to JNDI in the LDAP Browser to communicate with LDAP servers.
  • The LDAP Servers plugin, allows you to create, manage and start new LDAP servers within a few seconds, which can be very handy in a development environment.

This talk will provide live demonstrations of the tools throughout the session.


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