Directory Replication: from Gigabit LAN to HF Radio

by Steve Kille


Directory replication is important for reliability, survivability, performance, and local client access. This talk examines a range of techniques for directory replication, appropriate to different scenarios, providing illustrations of some of the points raised from the Isode product set. This will cover:

  • X.500 DISP (Directory Information and Shadowing Protocol). The open standard for replication; Its functionality; and why it does not have to be complex to deploy.
  • The benefits of single master replication, and scenarios where single master is the best solution.
  • Dealing with Disaster Recovery: How to avoid a single master being a single point of failure.
  • Why Strong Authentication is desirable for replication, and how a PKI based deployment can be straightforward.
  • Synchronization: Replication with Active Directory and LDAP servers without standardized replication.
  • Dealing with secure gateways and very poor communication links including HF Radio (down to 75 bits/sec); Support for Data Diodes and Radio Silence; Directory Replication by Email.


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