Is LDAP dead? A reflexion and prospective on a 15 years old technology

by Ludovic Poitou


According to general opinion, the technology has been dying since the end of the Netscape era: 10 years ago, analysts were saying that LDAP was a commodity not a market. In the last 5 years, we've seen the rise of user centric identity. More recently, it's all about NoSQL databases and federated identity... So what's the future of LDAP, and its ecosystem ? In this talk we present some facts that are influencing and shaping the directory space. We look at LDAP open source projects and vendors, different approaches to market. We discuss our understanding of the IT world and the influence of emerging technologies to our domain. And by the end of the session, you should have some good idea if there will be a 4th LDAP International Conference.


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