OpenLDAP in High Availability environments

by Ralf Haferkamp


LDAP Directories have become a central part of the IT infrastructure in many organizations. Usually a lot of other services in the organization rely on the availability of the Directory (e.g. for Authentication/Authorization purposes). Because of this unexpected outages or downtime of the Directory Service can be very expensive and have to be kept to a minimum. There a several ways to increase the Availability of the Directory Service.

This talk will highlight one of those ways by outlining a setup of software from various open source projects to create a high availability cluster for of OpenLDAP servers. The following components are part of the setup:

The talk will give a short high level introduction into High Availability in general. It will introduce some of the features that OpenLDAP offers for creating HA setups. And finally it will guide through an example setup (using the above mentioned components). An overview about each involved component will be given, detailing its tasks in the setup and how it interacts with the other components. If time permits a short demo of the setup will be shown.


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