Clément Oudot

Clément Oudot works in identity and access management field since 2003, starting with LDAP migration projects from proprietary products to OpenLDAP. To achieve this, he creates some simple tools, like monitoring script, initialization script or packages that are now published on LDAP Tool Box project ( In parallel, he is the leader of LemonLDAP::NG ("), an open source WebSSO, access control and identity federation product. He is also implied in LDAP Synchronization project (, a connector written in Java. Clément Oudot took part in LDAPCon 2007 in Köln, presenting the FederID project. He is now working on its successor: LinID ( LinID is an open source product from LINAGORA ( to build management interface for LDAP directories, like white pages, yellow pages, or user administration screens.


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