What about the LDAP directory life after Sun?

by Alban Meurier


Considering the End Of Life for most of Sun and Novell directories implementation, let's take the chance to dive in some typical migration aproaches. Even if a lot of directory owners imagine to operate a unique directory and are ready to build a custom migration plan, we can find a lot of common aspects that can help designing a reasonable migration path. The presentation will cover a set of migration scenarii going from a single instance dedicated to a unique application to a large scale replicated environment. Using a lot of real use cases, it will go through a theorical approach (including the differences in the LDAP standards implementation according to the editors) and some pragmatic tips from the field (including roll back and coexistence). Common issues -like schema compatibility, ...- will be revealed and hidden traps -like anonymous condideration,...- as well .

The goal of this contribution is to offer the participants an understandable check list used as a reliable starting point in order to prepare a directory migration project. It cannot be fully exhaustive for every project but should be valuable for every directory operator.


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