APACHE DIrectory Project : a state of the (current) art
2019-11-05, 16:40–17:25, Main Conference Room

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Apache Directory is the Apache LDAP implementation in Java, but it's more than that. We will present the currents state of the project, which includes the server (ApacheDS) the LDAP API, the LDAP browser (Studio), the MVCC database (Mavibot) and some side priojects (Kerby, SCIMPLE and Fortress)

Apache Directory project is an effort to implement a LDAP server in Java. It started back to 2002, join The ASF one year later and became a top level project in 2004. Since then, many releases have been done, and we are on the verge of releasing a 2.0 RC.
The project has also evolved a lot by accepting side projects :
- Apache Directory Studio, the GUI browser and schema manager
- the Java LDAP API
- Fortress, the RBAC implementation in Java
- Scimple, a SCIM implementation in java
- Mavibot, a MVCC database
- Kerby, a Kerberos server

We will expose the project evolution and targets.