Andrew Findlay

“Open-Source LDAP training material”

Christopher Paul

“Comprehensive LDAP Monitoring with "Bell Tower"”

Clément OUDOT

“Set up Single Sign On, Access Control and Second Factor Authentication on web application with LemonLDAP::NG” | “The FusionIAM initiative” | “LemonLDAP::NG 2.0: Mutli-factor authentication, Identity Federation, WebService and API protection”

David Coutadeur

“Extending OpenLDAP password policy module with ppm”

Emmanuel Lécharny

“APACHE DIrectory Project : a state of the (current) art”

HAMANO Tsukasa

“Using LDAP as FIDO 2.0 Server repository”

Howard Chu

“New Replication Features in OpenLDAP”

Kiran Ayyagari

“Sparrow Identity Server - From Fluttering to Flying”

Ludovic Poitou

“My directory service lives in cloud-cuckoo-land!” | “What's up with ForgeRock Directory Services”

Mark Perry

“Modelling and evaluating complex user entitlements in directory services using JSON and REST”

Maryanne Normann

“OpenLDAP Replication Workshop”

Michael Ströder

“aehostd -- A custom NSS/PAM service for Æ-DIR”

Mihai Carabas

“Identity management in University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest”

Nadezhda Ivanova

“Organizer and Sponsors Address” | “An OpenLDAP backend for Samba - a new way forward”

Ondřej Kuzník

“OpenLDAP, syncrepl and multimaster replication”

Shawn McKinney

“OpenLDAP Replication Workshop” | “Towards an Attribute-Based Role-Based Access Control System”

Simon Pichugin

“Discovering the Library That Drives 389 Directory Server's CLI, Web UI, and much more”