David Coutadeur

I have graduated as an engineer from EPF (2010), option MTIC : Communication and Information Technology Management.
I worked at EADS for a Kerberos study and a federation management project (OpenSSO, SAML).
Open source enthousiast from the beginning, I entered Linagora as an identity integrator.
During my 8 year career at Linagora, I have dealt with identity issues, such as directory architectures with OpenLDAP, provisionning and synchronizing referentials with LSC (LDAP Synchronization Connector), directory migration (Sun, Oracle, ITDS, OpenLDAP), and authentication, SSO, and federation issues through LemonLDAP::NG.
Now manager of the identity team at Linagora, I am also involved into LemonLDAP::NG, LSC, and OpenLDAP-LTB communities.


Extending OpenLDAP password policy module with ppm

OpenLDAP has proposed a password policy feature for a long time. The password policy overlay implements the draft-behera-ldap-password-policy-09 RFC, and propose a limited number of features, which can be extended by external plugins. The aim of the talk is to present ppm, an extension to OpenLDAP password policy module.