Discovering the Library That Drives 389 Directory Server's CLI, Web UI, and much more
2019-11-05, 15:50–16:35, Main Conference Room

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The enterprise-class Open Source LDAP server for Linux - 389 Directory Server - can have very complex configurations with its replication, plugins and many other features.
Lib389 Python library is created to solve most of the problems and be a backend for 389 DS command line tools, Web UI and testing.

Hello, my name is Simon. I work in Red Hat and I am 389 Directory Server core developer.
I would like to tell you about lib389 - our Python library which allows us (and possibly you) to wrap LDAP calls and administration tasks for command line tools, for the backend of Web User Interface and for an execution of massive amount of tests in a clean, understandable yet powerful manner.

You’ll learn:
- About its development history and its architecture;
- How it is used across 389 Directory Server's tools and features;
- About the issues we encountered while developing the unified library for CLI, Web UI and testing purposes;
- What we plan for the future, how we interact with the Community and how you can participate.