What’s up with ForgeRock Directory Services

Friday 20th October, from 4.20 to 5 PM

This presentation gives a status of the ForgeRock Directory Services, built on top of OpenDJ.

We will talk about the latest release, ForgeRock Directory Services 5.0, the new Directory Proxy Server, and all new features, including an LDAP based Key Store.

We will discuss what we’re seeing from our very large customers and talk about the impact of the changes in IT to all directory services, touching on cloud, docker and kubernetes.

Ludovic Poitou

Ludovic Poitou is Director of Product Management at ForgeRock, covering Directory Services. Ludovic has 20+ years of experience building high performance enterprise software, mostly focusing on identity and security.

Prior to ForgeRock, he worked at Sun Microsystems where he led the Directory Services development team, and managed the OpenDS open source community. Ludovic lives in the French Alps, where he love to take photos and do mountain bike or telemark skiing depending on the season.

Website : ForgeRock

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