Programma conferenze

Programma Conferenze

NB: tutte le conferenze sono in lingua inglese

Giovedi’ 19 Ottobre 2017

8h30 Caffé di benvenuto
9h00-9H40 ReOpenLDAP
9h40-10h20 Sparrow – A New Kind of Directory
10h20-10h40 Pausa caffé
10h40-11h20 OpenLDAP – a new LDAP server for Samba4
11h20-12h00 Apache Mavibot : a new backend for Apache Directory Server
12h00-14h00 Pausa pranzo
14h00-14h40 Directory as a Service – Are we there yet ?
14h40-15h20 Maintaining and extending PHP-LDAP
15h20-15h40 Pausa caffé
15h40-16h20 Ruby backend for OpenLDAP
16h20-17h00 Integrating OpenLDAP and Samba Active Directory in Univention Corporate Server
17h00-17h40 Speed, Parallelism, Safety: Choose all three high-performance data structures for multithread applications
17h40-17h50 X.509 PKI RA schema for Æ-DIR
17h50-18h00 Monitoring OpenLDAP

Venerdi’ 20 Ottobre 2017

8h30 Caffé di benvenuto
9h00-9H40 What’s New In OpenLDAP
9h40-10h20 Flexible LDAP load balancing
10h20-10h40 Pausa caffé
10h40-11h20 Managing replication conflicts
11h20-12h00 Back-asyncmeta Status Update
12h00-14h00 Pausa pranzo
14h00-14h40 Understanding main SSO protocols : CAS, SAML and OpenID Connect
14h40-15h20 A year solving infrastructure problems with FusionDirectory and OpenLDAP
15h20-15h40 Pausa caffé
15h40-16h20 Next Generation Directory-based User Management for Cloud Infrastructure
16h20-17h00 What’s up with ForgeRock Directory Services – Annullata