LDAP Monitoring using open source

송상준 (Sangjun Song)


Using open source, compose suite that gather, analyze and monitor directory server or logs (access error) for 389 directory server & OpenDJ.

  1. ELK :
    Elasticsearch : analyse directory server logs (access and error)
    Logstash : parsing directory server logs and send Elasticsearch
    Kibana : Display analisis data
    ( include a correlation analysis and regression analysis )
  2. Apache Zeppelin with Elasticsearch.
    A web-based notebook that enables interactive directory server logs analytics.
    Analyze data immediately. (for swythe analisys)
    – Data Ingestion
    – Data Discovery
    – Data Analytics
    – Data Visualization & Collaboration
  3. cn=monitor
    Opensource ldap monitor
    View Available Environments, Replication Status, Monitoring Graphs, Live Monitoring
  4. cn=monitor + ELK + zeppelin LDAP Monitoring Suite.


1999: started directory server design (DIT, Schema) & deployment as an engineer ( Novell e-directory, netscape directory server 3.x )
2000 ~ present: Deploying diverse & many directory servers in Korea (SK telecom :50 million entry with redhat Directory server & Oracle Unified Directory server, LGU+ : 10 million entry with SunONE & RedHat directory server, The Ministry of Government Administration : 2 million entry with Aphellion Directory server 2003) and so on.
Directory servers supported & deployed: openldap, opendj, unboundid, oracle directory server enterprise editon, oracle unified directory server, ca directory server, redhat directory server, 389 directory server. Apache directory server, IBM Security directory server. IBM LOTUS NOTES directory server. Aphellion Directory server (British Telecom)


LDAP Monitoring using open source – slides