2015 Papers and Presentations

All of the papers and presentations from LDAPCon 2015. These are also linked from the individual programme pages.

LDAP 2020: Paradise Lost or Regained? – David Goodman

LDAP Monitoring using open source – Sangjun Song

LDAP-protocol-improvements (pdf) – Christian Hollstein

Driving Goole apps with LDAP – Boyd Duffee

A Complete Open Source IAM Solution – Radovan Semancik

Building Identity and Access Management in GitHub Enterprise – Matt Todd

DBIS Paper 2015 and DBIS Presentation 2015 – Mark R Bannister

WiredTiger Backend for OpenLDAP – paper and WiredTiger Backend for OpenLDAP – slides – HAMANO Tsukasa

Synchronous-Multimaster Replication in M-Vault – Damy Mahl

Innovative Replication In FreeIPA – Ludwig Krispenz and Petr Vobornik

The OpenID Connect Protocol – Clément OUDOT

Introducing a Security Access Control Engine Inside OpenLDAP  – Shawn McKinney

New asynchronous meta back-end for OpenLDAP –  Nadezhda Ivanova

Æ-DIR – Michael Ströder

An OpenLDAP backend for Samba 4 – Nadezhda Ivanova

What’s new in OpenDJ 3.0 – Ludovic Poitou and Matthew Swift

Async LDAP Programming is full of Promises! – Ludovic Poitou and Matthew Swift

What’s New in OpenLDAP – Howard Chu

2-factor authentication with LDAP and Yubikey – Axel Hoffmann

Universal SSPR: a new edge for Self Service Reset Password – Alban Meunier

2013 Presentations

LDAPCon 2013 presentations are available on

2011 Presentations

LDAPCon 2011 presentations are linked from the programme page.