Information for Speakers


The projectors are: NEC PA600X and Hitachi CP-SX1350

According to the specs, the NEC is 4:3 with a resolution of 1024×768.

Apparently the Hitachi can do either of 4:3 or 16:9, the default is 4:3. The resolution is 1400×1050.

For the main part of the conference only the NEC projector will be used. The connector is VGA, we have adaptors for some types of connector but not all so people with Apple devices might want to ensure they have the right one with them.

We usually recommend that people bring their own laptops to avoid software compatibility issues.

The PC provided has Windows 7 installed, it should have Office 2013 available. Alternatively there is the option to view PDF
files which is more likely to produce the desired results. The standard machine does not have OpenOffice or LibreOffice installed.


Do consider making a poster to back up your talk. Posters can be up to A0 in size. Details are on the Lightning Talks page.

Conference Logos

We have logos in letterbox format and also square.

The conference logo is based on the Forth Bridge, a proud part of Scotland’s engineering heritage which was opened 125 years ago. The font used is Microgramma Bold Extended, and where the word EDINBURGH forms part of the train I have further extended the glyphs. These thumbnails link to large PNG files:


If you want SVG (scalable), contact Andrew directly as the website does not allow it!

Sending things to Edinburgh

If you want to send posters or other materials in advance, please address them to:

Stephen Quinney
Informatics Forum
10 Crichton Street

Stephen Quinney <>
0131 650 5172

Publishing the Papers

Papers and slides are being uploaded to this website as we receive them. They will be made public after the conference and linked to your entry in the programme. For now, they can be found on the Downloads page. The password for this is included in the welcome message sent when people register.

Tutorials can be found on the Tutorial Downloads page. This page is also password protected. These will not be made public unless the authors ask us to do so.