The OpenID Connect protocol

Clément Oudot


OpenID Connect is a new Single Sign On protocol, built on top of OAuth 2.0. Led by OpenID foundation and very different from OpenID 1.0 and OpenID 2.0, now marked as obsoletes.

This paper will let you discover this new standard, by first explaining what is OAuth 2.0 and why it is not an identity protocol. Then the OpenID Connect protocol will be described, and to conclude, we will do a comparison with the other main SSO standard which is SAML.


Clément OUDOT works since 2003 on LDAP and Identity Management free softwares.

He is the leader of LemonLDAP::NG project and LDAP Tool Box project. He is also involved in LDAP Synchronization Connector.

Clément presented FederID at LDAPCon 2007, LemonLDAP::NG at LDAPCon 2011, LSC and OpenLDAP Password Policy at LDAPCon 2013.


The OpenID Connect Protocol – slides


Clément Oudot

Clément Oudot