Universal SSPR: a new edge for Self Service Reset Password

Alban Meunier

SmartWave SA


LDAPCon 2015 is the event chosen for the official announcement of the Universal SSPR, an Open source initiative that opens a new edge for Self Service Password Reset.

Universal word fits to our Swiss army knife approach because this modular solution is design to address:

  • best end user experience
  • any user device (corporate, BYOD, anything else)
  • new security threats
  • high availability
  • on premise, hybrid, pure cloud based infrastructure
  • well known technologies reuse and new technology adoption
  • various identity verification mode
  • standalone mode, coexistence or integration with IAM solution
  • individual target or set of password repositories
  • unlimited targets
    • LDAP of course
    • Active Directory
    • commercial software
    • SaaS
    • and any bespoke application


Alban Meunier started in France his directory life in 1994 with Novell NDS and integration with Windows and Unix. It was the age of the first central directories and consolidation projects with synchronization scripts and tools. In 1998, he work with Netscape directory and meta directory developing some end to end connectors still in activity. This trend drove him to operate in different countries with more than 150 customers and a wide range of products among all major directories, proxy and virtual directories, identity management products, Web SSO, eSSO, application security enforcement, a lot of custom user interfaces. His experience make him very pragmatic: the best solution is the solution the customer can operate in it’s daily operational context and it’s always a specific context. In his daily life, he is cofounder of SmartWave SA (www.smartwavesa.com) in Geneva and manage a team of experts. He’s still active as an IAM and LDAP expert.


Universal SSPR: a new edge for Self Service Reset Password – slides

Alban Meunier

Alban Meunier