What’s new in OpenDJ 3.0

Ludovic Poitou and Matthew Swift



OpenDJ 3.0 will be released at the end of the year, probably very shortly after the LDAP Conference. It’s been two years since the last major release and a lot of work has been done on the project. This presentation will describe the new features and benefits of OpenDJ 3.0, covering areas like database backends, replication, client SDK and toolkit, and the REST to LDAP native APIs. We will end the presentation with live demos.


Ludovic Poitou is senior software engineer, currently working for ForgeRock as Director of ForgeRock France, and Product Manager for OpenDJ, the open source LDAP Directory services for the Java platform. Previously, Ludovic was working for Sun Microsystems as the Architect for the Sun Directory Services products and Community Manager for the OpenDS project. Ludovic Poitou has been speaking at various conferences and blogs regularly on the subject of Identity Management, LDAP Directory Services, Java and open source software.

Matthew Swift is Chief Architect at ForgeRock, overseeing the development of several products including OpenDJ, the Open Source LDAP Directory Services in Java, OpenIG, the Open source Identity Gateway. Previously Matthew worked for Sun Microsystem as the Technical Lead for OpenDS, and before at Messaging Direct Ltd (formerly Isode Ltd) where he helped developing products.


What’s New in OpenDJ – slides

Matthew Swift and Ludovic Poitou

Matthew Swift and Ludovic Poitou