Tutorial: The LDAP Directory Schema: a guide for the newcomer
Giovanni Baruzzi

Syntlogo GmbH


In the intentions of standard giver, the LDAP schema is already sufficient to guarantee an implementation. In the real life we know that this or the other extension are often necessary. But how can we be sure that our design can be valid for many years? How can we model the reality in a schema ensuring completeness of information and good data quality?

The tutorial gives answer to the questions arising in the implementation of a schema and suggest strategies to build a schema that meets the needs of a particular field whilst keeping the standard safe.


Dr. Giovanni Baruzzi, general manager of Syntlogo, has been active in the LDAP field since 1998. He designed directories for many Organizations in both the financial, industry, telecom and public sectors and held courses about LDAP. Today he concentrates in Access and Identity Management Technologies, with main interest on SSO, SAML and Federation. He is member of the GenericIAM Initiative.