A year solving infrastructure problems with FusionDirectory and OpenLDAP

Friday 20th October, from 2.40 to 3.20 PM

Today, the world of infrastructure is moving. The advent of cloud, infrastructure on demand, SAS mode are Innovations requiring a change in our methods.

But what about the management of these platforms, security, systems and users. The infrastructure is no longer necessarily internal, the establishment of a workflow has become indispensable to allow day-to-day operations by less qualified people and the delegation of operations.

At this conference, we show concrete uses cases and detail how FusionDirectory help to solve these problems thanks to its modularity API and its Web services.

presentation-OneYearWithFusionDirectoryLDAP License CC-BY-SA

Benoit Mortier

Benoit Mortier is the Director of OpenSides a Free software Company Based in Belgium founded in 2001.
He contracted the free software virus working in computer stores and this will never leave him.
It is a Free Software activist, fighting against software patents and giving many lectures during events dedicated to Free Software.

Co-Chairman of the System Administration track at Libre sofware meetings from 2007 was 2013.
He has been FusionDirectory project leader since 2011.

Website : OpenSides

FusionDirectory : FusionDirectory

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