Flexible LDAP load balancing

Friday 20th October, from 9.40 to 10.20 AM

With most existing LDAP load balancers that operate on a per connection basis, long-lived client connections are likely to concentrate on a much smaller set of servers than intended, delivering much lower performance a fully efficient system could deliver. We will present a PDU-centric load balancer being built as part of the OpenLDAP project that completely bypasses these issues and provides a fairer load distribution as a result.

LDAPCon_2017_Ondrej_Kuznik_lloadd_v1.1 License CC-BY-SA

Ondřej Kuzník

Starting with helping scale directories and storage backends (incl. OpenLDAP, nginx and cyrus-imapd) for use at world’s largest mobile operators, later moving onto general F/LOSS support, development and security consultancy with credativ. Recently joined Symas to improve OpenLDAP and deliver other cutting-edge tech.

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