Sparrow – A New Kind of Directory

Thursday 19th October, from 9.40 to 10.20 AM

Sparrow[0] is an identity server based on SCIM’s schema[1] and protocol[2] standards, it is being written in
Go language. Sparrow supports OpenIDConnect, OAuth2 for SSO and authorization, RBAC0 for basic access
control and also supports a subset of LDAP operations.

There is a need for an Identity Server to speak directly over HTTP and contains many features of an LDAP
server minus the pain of organizing and maintaining the Schema and also supports built-in access control
mechanism based on ARBAC.

Sparrow supports a sub-set of LDAP operations to keep it compatible with certain authentication
modules that depend on a LDAP server. It only supports search, bind and passwordmodify (extended) operations.

Through this talk I wish to present why this project was started and what real world problems this is
intended to solve, and share my experiences with using it in real world and discuss if this can indeed be
a viable solution for future needs.


Kiran Ayyagari

A programmer by profession and passion, been involved with Open Source and Apache since 2007, contributes to Apache Directory Server project and is currently a member of Apache Software Foundation.

I gave a presentation on eSCIMo project[1] at LDAPCon Paris in 2013 and on Kerby project at ApacheCon EU
in 2015[2].


[1] Slides from LDAPCon 2013

[2] Kerberos in your jvm apacheconcore15

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