LDAPcon 2019

It’s high time we shared the news: the 7th Conference on LDAP, Directory Services and Identity Management will take place in Sofia, Bulgaria. November 4th is set aside for workshops, November 5th and 6th will be the regular sessions.

Situated at the crossroads between the east and the west, Sofia is nearly 7,000 years old and steeped in historical significance. It’s also the largest city in Bulgaria, one of the top-10 locations in the world for startups, especially tech, and one of Europe’s most affordable cities. Other attractions include good wine, great food that represents Balkan and Oriental cuisine, and a great view to the Vitosha mountain, making it a perfect location for the next LDAPCon.

Topics of interest will include service design, LDAP schema, protocol enhancements, server technology and client programming.

There will be ample opportunities to meet other LDAP specialists including the central figures in the development teams of many well-known server products.

The Call for Participation (CFP) for LDAPcon 2019 is now open!
Please submit your proposals for consideration.

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