WiredTiger Backend for OpenLDAP

HAMANO Tsukasa

Open Source Solution Technology Corporation, Japan


This paper introduces WiredTiger backend for OpenLDAP. WiredTiger is an embedded database having the characteristics of multi-core scalability and lock-free algorithms. We implemented a new OpenLDAP backend called back-wt that is using WiredTiger database and then measured the performance.


BerkeleyDB is a legacy embedded database. The write performance of back-bdb (OpenLDAP backend using BerkeleyDB) is painfully slow and not scalable. If we use asynchronous mode in order to improve the write performance, data durability will be sacrificed. The WiredTiger backend will bring about high write performance and high concurrency performance for OpenLDAP.


HAMANO Tsukasa is living in /C=JP/ST=Tokyo/ directory and working as Expert of
Open Source Solution Technology Corporation.
He is contributor of open source software around LDAP/CIFS/XMPP.


WiredTiger Backend for OpenLDAP – slides

WiredTiger Backend for OpenLDAP – paper

HAMANO Tsukasa

HAMANO Tsukasa