Back-asyncmeta Status Update

Friday 20th October, from 11.20 to 12

The asynchronous meta backend was initially developed around 2015 and presented at LDAPCon 2015. It was intended as an asynchronous version of the meta backend with some changes in functionality as requested by a customer.

Since then, back-asyncmeta has been thoroughly tested with high traffic load and different network conditions, and some changes in architecture and configuration have been introduced to ensure its smooth operation. This talk will describe the problems faced when testing back-asyncmeta in a real environment, and the changes made to solve these problems.


Nadezhda Ivanova

A Software Engineer with nearly 15 years experience in the implementation of network protocols and applications in Linux and Linux-based operating systems.
Graduated from AUBG in 2003 with BA in Computer Science, and acquired an MSc in “Distributed systems and Mobile technologies” at Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski” in 2016.
She began her career as a developer of network protocols for the embedded operating system of network devices.

Later joined in the development of a Linux-based MS Exchange compatible mail server, which led to her interest and involvement in the Samba4 DS project in 2008.

A Samba Team member since 2009, she has been part of the development of LDAP functionality for Samba4, most prominently in the area of authorization.

Currently a Software Engineer at Symas Corporation, working on the OpenLDAP and Samba4 projects.

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