Understanding main SSO protocols : CAS, SAML and OpenID

Friday 20th October, from 2 to 2.40 PM

In SSO history there was a lot of protocols, but nowadays the main ones are CAS, SAML and OpenID Connect.

This talk will present these protocols and tell why they all have an utility, depending on the usage.

16_Clément Oudot_PRE_LDAPCon2017_SSO-1 License CC-BY-SA

Clément OUDOT

I work in LDAP and SSO domain since 15 years and contribute to free softwares like LemonLDAP::NG, LSC and LDAP Tool Box. I am an employee of Savoir-faire Linux company.

Website :

LemonLDAP::NG https://lemonldap-ng.org/welcome/

LSC : https://lsc-project.org/doku.php

LDAP Tool Box : https://ltb-project.org/doku.php

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