Ruby backend for OpenLDAP

Thursday 19th October, from 3.40 to 4.20 PM

We often receive requests that require us to use various data storage (Cloud Database and NoSQL) as user store and allow the frontend to speak in LDAP protocol.
OpenLDAP is designed to allow you to develop flexibly these backend modules you want, but it requires a lot of development resources and time efforts.
To develop OpenLDAP backends rapidly, we already have back-perl, but the development with it is still not practical due to the fact that it has only one interpreter although OpenLDAP is a multi-threaded application.
This paper introduces back-mruby that is a new OpenLDAP backend that makes backend development easy for everyone.
Reasons why we should use Ruby rather than Perl or Python are also explained.

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Tsukasa Hamano

HAMANO Tsukasa is living in /C=JP/ST=Tokyo/ directory and working as Expert of Open Source Solutions Technology Corporation.

He is contributor of open source software around LDAP / CIFS / XMPP / PKI.

He published WiredTiger backend for OpenLDAP in 2015 LDAPCon.

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